Friday, 20 December 2013

Let's get Jolly!

The school holidays seemed to have flew by!

I started off the school holidays with grand plans of doing stuff with the older two girls, but we ended up doing the completely opposite.. Diana had all sorts of classes till the last week of December.. Isabelle still has a last ballet class to attend the coming Monday.

However, we still managed to get in some fun.. (I definitely would like to think that way, even if the girls may think otherwise!)

What did we do?

We shopped... for Christmas presents, school supplies, Chinese New Year clothes and the list goes on
Wind breakers for the next school year
2014 Chinese New Year shoes

We played... imaginary games (because Mummy decided to cut down on TV time), lots of lego/duplo and with some outdoor play.
I want to learn how to play the piano too!
Accident waiting to happen...

We watched... some TV (we still do love TV!), Frozen (the movie).
Son is a star trek fan!

All cozy despite the heat!

 We visited... with friends and family to remind ourselves of our love and friendship during this Christmas period.
Mummy's new friend - Ginger
Our friend's new baby boy
Clara + Diana
Let's all be thankful this season... for the roof over our heads, family and friends at our sides, and the warm food in our bellies! What's your favourite part of the season? Mine's definitely the feasting! ..and there goes my rumbly tummy!

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