Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Happy Chinese New Year! 马年快乐!


Happy Chinese New Year, folks! It was a really hectic/crazy/mad/busy (all the above) January. I was having major renovations works done to my recess area. It was unexpected but a great relief when the renovation permit finally went through. The works ended just in time for Chinese New Year. Thank God!


Let's do a quick recap on January...

It was back to school for the girls, while Nic starts playgroup at the nearby RC. Towards end of January, I was victim to the flu virus, which I subsequently spread to my trio. Nic recovered pretty quickly, but the other two girls are still coughing and having post nasal drip. *sigh* Sorry kiddos.
Nic in his playgroup uniform

IKEA and Daiso became my BFFs. I finally got my butt moving and started reorganizing my stuff. Managed to do some spring cleaning and decorating for the house. I did quite a bit of angbao lanterns just by watching YouTube tutorials. I put in more homely touches to my "sterile" environment (that's how my mum describes my place! :P ). I think I made *good* progress but I am no where near done.
One of my IKEA hacks!

There is no such thing as a foolproof plan to conquering renovation dust. It goes everywhere. Really. As long as there is a lobang (hole), it will go in! And the pain I had to go thru to remove the dust, its enough to turn me off renovations for a long long long time.  Let me remind myself - IT IS OVER!
Like my new gate?


I am hoping that February...

...will be a less hectic month for us all. I do hope to be more productive and get started on my to-do list. 

Tea, anyone?

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