Thursday, 27 March 2014

Hong Kong Food Trail: Dim Sum

My hubs and I flew to Hong Kong for a short holiday - 4D3N. Just us and of course, there was an extra lightbulb but he is a big boy and didn't need taking care of. So it was okay. =X 

While preparing for the trip, I did some research on food. I read up on a few food blogs, a Hong Kong info blog... etc etc. It wasn't easy to find a planned food trail until I stumbled upon From then on, it got much easier!

Traveling around Hong Kong is easy enough via MTR and taxi. Even if you can't read Chinese words or speak Cantonese, most signs are bi-lingual. However, the locals might not understand you if you refer places to their English names.


Dim Sum

One of the main purpose of this trip is to gorge ourselves silly with dim sums! So we went to both the Michellin 1 star restaurants to try: 一点心 One Dim Sum and 添好运 Tim Ho Wan. We definitely have not tried the local 添好运 Tim Ho Wan so we can't really make a comparison. Do note that this review is only for the 添好运 Tim Ho Wan 中环 Central branch, I can't say they are all the same.

一点心 One Dim Sum

Address: 15 Playing Field Road, Prince Edward
Waiting time: About 30 minutes, if you missed the table change.
Walking notes: Prince Edward station. Exit A. Walk down Playing Field Road for two blocks. Remember to cross carefully at the junction! 

Our favourites from there was definitely the fried wantons, turnip cake (or carrot cake in local Singaporean context), steamed pork ribs and chicken feet. The interesting ones were definitely this deep fried egg batter 炸蛋散 with condensed milk and shredded coconut, they also have the option to have it drizzled with honey or sugar syrup 蜜汁. Their custard buns are definitely NOT 流沙包, they are actually 奶黄包. If you are wondering what's the difference, the custard in these buns are curdled so don't expect it to have a molten filling! We like it because it is not as sweet and intense in flavour as the 流沙包. If you have a big group, ordering the glutinous rice steamed in lotus leaf will be a good way to fill you up.

添好运 Tim Ho Wan

Address: Shop 12A, Hong Kong Station, Podium Level 1, IFC Mall, Central
Waiting time: About 30-40 minutes
Walking notes: Central station. Not in mall area despite the address. It's pretty much one of the shop lots at the MTR station itself. If you reach the shopping mall area, means you have overshot and need to go back down. Watch out for the green signboards and large hoards of people waiting outside.

We had some problems locating the restaurant because we took a cab from our hotel to IFC mall. The mall directory does not list 添好运 Tim Ho Wan because it is actually part of the MTR station shopping area. It was really a long wait despite arriving at 11+a.m., it took us a while to get our table. And it was pretty uncomfortable as the table sizes are smaller. They also decided squeezing 3 adults on a 2 pax table is a good idea.

Our favourites were definitely their signature baked bun with bbq pork, the deep fried brinjal and sesame balls. The rest was... meh. We had a lot leftovers despite entering the restaurant feeling starved. I would definitely skip the chicken feet here, and stick to the dim sum items that you like. Re-ordering is only allowed once, so make it count!


During that trip, we went back to 一点心 One Dim Sum again and ordered our favourites. I must say they do one of the better and cheaper traditional dim sum eats. Are they the best tasting ones? Definitely not, but they are definitely budget friendly! On the other hand, we left 添好运 Tim Ho Wan feeling a little disappointed. It wasn't worth the hype at all. Perhaps we went in with too much expectations?

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