Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Recipe Review: Roasted Tomatoes

Tomatoes. I love them raw but I hate them cooked because it isn't easy to get them done right. Some places like to serve them in big chucks whereby they are pretty much under cooked. While some places does it alright, but it still has that tinge of sourness that makes it pretty unpleasant to eat.

A good friend supplied me with this roasted veggie recipe which sounded really delishhh... So when I was at NTUC Finest, I spotted this pack of tomatoes and I thought it would be perfect for trying out her recipe.

All you need is
- Tomatoes in this case, you can honestly use any type of tomatoes you want. Especially if you happened to have been freaked out at the price of this pack!

Original seasoning recipe:
- 1 or 2 tbsp of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oi)
- Sea salt*
- Black pepper*
- Dried herb*

* all to taste

My adaptation:
- 2 tbsp of EVOO
- Himalayan rock salt*
- Black pepper*
- Garlic powder*
- Unrefined coconut sugar*
- 2 stalks of fresh Italian Parsley (chopped)

  1. Preheat your oven to 180°C, use the grill function on your oven. If you don't have, it is ok! Just use the bake function.
  2. Give them a good rinse and cut them into similar sizes. I cut mine into wedges because they are slightly bigger than cherry tomatoes but smaller than a regular tomato.
  3. Toss well with the seasoning
  4. Place them in a baking tray, tin, loaf pan.. whichever that is oven safe.
  5. Grill them for 30 minutes.
And voilĂ ! You now have a perfect side dish to your main meal..

Or you could eat it with pasta, bacon and egg like I did.  Extra yummy with all the juices!
Heaveeeeen in every bite!

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