Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Boo List - iHerb Edition

So... as much as I would like to rave, I have to talk about stuff that didn't make the cut (for me). Here is a few items from iHerb that I didn't quite like. But do remember one (wo)man's poison may be another (wo)man's meat!
This worked pretty well for a friend's oily scalp but didn't quite cut it for me. It turned my hair into straw like texture and did not keep my scalp as oil free as the Tea Tree Triple Treat version. So after attempting to use it in different types of weather (hot and cooler), I decided to chuck it. It simply wasn't doing its job as a shampoo for me.

So I got suckered in by the argan oil claim, but gawd... did this make my oily scalp itch like a *t00t*. They (Giovanni) really need to improve on the packaging too. The snap top doesn't snap in well. It has a strong coconut scent to it too. It can be quite overwhelming.

I didn't quite like it because it smells really artificial and Belle (who is picky about scents) hated the way it smells. It doesn't work well for the girls' hair and felt really silicone-y in texture. However, the little boy doesn't mind it much and works ok for a head to toe wash for him.

Despite the good rating on iHerb, I really don't like it. This is really a basic scrub - it exfoliates dead skin cells and that's about it. The claims of having shea butter in it to soften skin, you can't really "feel" it other than the silicone feeling it leaves behind. It does foam up a little, which makes it easier to scrub little kids elbows and knees. Definitely not what I'm looking for in a body scrub.

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