About Me

It has been quite some time since I've blogged. Prior to this, I've kept an online account of my house renovation here. Since the renovation is over, I've since deleted everything and moved on. Way way way before this, I used to blog a lot on beauty stuff at myvanitybag.vox.com and vox.com has since closed down. The mineral makeup community there was really wonderful and some of us did keep in contact but most of us has stopped blogging since the site closed.

So.. why do I want to this again?  

After 3 kiddos, the urge to do verbal vomit is very strong especially after a long long day with the kids. I am going to try to be consistent in blogging.. *fingers cross*

What will you see here? 

Definitely a lot of posts on my daily life which involves my 3 kids.. My long time addiction - trying out new beauty/skincare stuff, and the latest (sort of) hobby - cooking and baking. I am also the ultimate consumer, I am a sucker for marketing ads and am willing to try everything. So you will be seeing a lot of reviews coming up!

If you've got any questions/queries.. 

You can contact me at thedottyness [at] gmail [dot] com.

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